Architectural Services

Here at Calder Design, our aim is to treat each client as unique, with their own aims and ambitions for their project that is then sympathetically developed as a partnership between client and architect. Based in Aberdeen and serving all surrounding areas with distance not being an issue.

Our work encompasses the following areas:

• Initial discussions with no obligation for either party
• Briefing and development of early options
• Full design service
• Obtaining all necessary local authority and third-party approvals
• Coordination of work with other consultants e.g., structural engineer
• Assisting in obtaining contractor for works
• Dealing with authorities during works
• Obtaining approval on completion of works

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Let's be creative together

What will happen at the consultation?

Martin will discuss your needs in detail and then produce a design scheme. 
Once you have decided on the specific area of your home or business that requires attention, Martin will hand draw all the plans and get them ready to be submitted to the Local Authority for Planning and Building Regulations, together with all other associated matters.

Why should I use an architect?

There are many individual reasons for needing the services of an architect, you may be a homeowner or business who is looking for specialist advice and guidance on how to make the best use out of the space you already have.

At what stage of the renovation should I contact an architect?

An architect should be involved from the earliest stages of your project, as they are able to offer you the benefit of their experience in deciding how to maximise the potential of your existing property or indeed, to propose ideas for the property you are about to purchase.


In short Calder Design is with you from start to finish, each client is unique, and services offered are tailored to suit. Calder Design has carried out projects from Dundee in the south, Braemar in the west and as far as Orkney in the north; distance is not an issue.

Recent projects include major refurbishment to a hotel, installation of facilities for the disabled in a city-centre church and various types of house extensions and alterations.

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